Tulamben Dive And Snorkeling

Tulamben a small fishing village in north-east coast Bali, offers you the place to escape from the presurring city life. This area is the base for popular diving sites since the wreck of Liberty lies just off the shore. Not to mention, this tranquil area have only small selection of accomodation and eateries but good enough. If you are looking for the peacefullness and dive sites, Tulamben will meet.The best reason to visit Tulamben is for the diving and the main dive site is the USAT Liberty, which was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in 1942.and antil now.

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Bali Tour Package

Code : DBTS1
Tulamben Dive Facilities
  • 1 professional and experienced dive leader for max. 4 divers
  • 2 or 3 dives/day & 1 hour break for lunch
  • Tanks & weights
  • Using towel
  • Insurance

The wreck is 120 metres in length, with the stern at a depth of six metres and the bow at thirty. For more advanced divers there is the possibility to get inside the hull of the ship and explore and it is widely claimed to be one of the better wrecks in the world for diving. Snorkelling is also possible above the wreck, though visibility isn’t always ideal.The Liberty isn’t the only dive site though with the Drop Off (a 40 metre, well, drop off) and the Coral Garden being other highlighted spots

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